New Asian fabrics in stock, the classics: bamboo, cranes, koi and maneki-neko. What do they symbolize?

Japanese fabrics have been popular with my customers since the early years of my business. When I first started making bags it was great to be able to use fabrics that weren’t solid colors. During all the years I worked in factories making backpacks and bike gear, I mostly sewed black fabrics, with the occasional red, grey or purple as accents.

When I begin to buy cotton prints for my bags I had a very limited range. I liked green and flowers. ? I had to push myself to expand my viewpoint and look at fabrics that might not normally catch my eye.

When I started selling my bags at a local shop the owner liked the Asian fabrics and as we looked at catalogues together she pointed out some. I would never have looked at them in the past but I started to pay attention. Wow, these were some amazing images, many symbolizing great qualities. I was hooked and the rest is history. I have boxes of Asian prints now.

Cranes symbolize happiness, eternal youth, good fortune and longevity. Koi symbolize strength, courage and perseverance. Bamboo symbolizes prosperity, purity and innocence. Maneki-neko is the lucky or beckoning cat and is a symbol of good fortune.

Japanese bamboo fabric for custom bags

Bamboo on black

Japanese bamboo fabric for custom made bag

Bamboo on navy

Japanese cranes on red for custom bags

Circle cranes

Japanese koi on cream fabric for custom made bags

Koi on ivory

Japanese koi on red fabric fo custom bags

Gold koi on red

Lucky cat beckoning cat fabric for custom made bags


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