Behind the Seams

Rummy and The Dude inspect their mom’s new custom made Mahjong bags

Allow me to introduce Rummy and The Dude checking out Diane’s new custom made set of Zoe bags. Diane ordered a Honeysuckle tote with a Zoe Pocket Set inside and a zippered pocket on the outside. She added a Suebee drawstring bag with a customized height (tall) in order to hold her Chinese mahjong tiles…

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Custom made knitting shoulder bag in Canada!

Zoe's Bag Boutique customer her custom made bag

  Many thanks to Phyllis in Canada for sharing this photograph of herself and her custom made Honeysuckle bag. She wanted to use it for knitting and asked me to make it in a custom size. That’s quite a bit of the white stuff on the ground eh? The Honeysuckle totes come in 3 sizes.…

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Unique and beautiful padded cases for your 12″ drop spindle

Floral padded case for 12" drop spindle

The Spinny is another product I designed due to customer request. It followed on the heels of my knitting bags which makes perfect sense. It’s a padded case to hold a drop spindle up to 12″ tall. Some knitters like to spin their own yarn and a drop spindle allows them to do it on…

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Celtic Knot fabrics for your dream bags!

Although Celtic Knots are popular images we don’t see them on fabric very often. When I saw these three I thought I should snag some right away! Please contact me to order a bag in one, or more, of these prints. Gold Celtic Knots   Celtic Knots on Green   Tossed Celtic Knots    …

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Custom made mahjong tote and tile bag and Lola

  Jan saw this new koi fabric and asked me to make her a zippered Tote-ster and large Zini flat bottom bag to store her mahjong equipment. I had already planned to make one when I bought this fabric so I was delighted to do it. The set turned out just as stunning as I…

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Nancy’s kitty Kaleesi and her new Zini flat bottom bag

  What a great pic of Nancy’s kitty Kaleesi! She sent me a photograph of her other cat Emmy, upon receipt of the first large Zini flat bottom bag she purchased from me to store Mahjong tiles. When she ordered a second bag she told me I should expect another pic and here it is!…

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