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A happy Rummikub player!

Drawstring bag for Rummikub tiles

Hi Karen. Just want to let you know how much I love the bag: Tula Pink’s Zuma SueBee Round Drawstring Bag.  We are using it for our Rummikub game pieces. Beautifully made. Love it! Regards, Janice   Find a wide variety of Suebee drawstring bags in my shop here! Please follow and like:

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My adjustable face mask

  At last I am able to share my face mask design with you! I hope to start adding masks to the shop asap. This is an unprecedented situation so I am somewhat winging it. I have never made a product that everyone needs before. I have no idea what the demand will be but…

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Face Mask Update # One million and two! 😀

OK! I am hopeful that I can start sewing some masks this afternoon, after the mail arrives. The mailman will be bringing me the parts I need in order to make the masks adjustable. I want to have them in hand to make sure they are what I hope they are, before I show you.…

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Face mask update, the wait for elastic continues!

The slow travels of Johnny Elastic! I have never tracked anything as closely as I have this elastic! LOL I have some coming from 4 different sources at this point. USPS is telling me one order will arrive today. Late in the day. It’s only 20 yards, the smallest quantity I have on order. I…

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Update on the face mask progress

Face mask update. Zee Plan ( so far anyway!) I ordered two rolls of elastic from two different suppliers last Friday. One shipped immediately and has been in Denver (1/2 hour away) since Monday 🤪 The other shipped on Monday and doesn’t look like it has moved at all. 🧐 It’s in LA. However I…

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Face masks in the works

I have had inquires asking if I will be making face masks. So I set to work figuring out a design on Friday. I worked on Sunday afternoon making numerous versions of one design and ended the day by saying nope to it! I made another style and I think it will be the one…

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A custom wallet on a string in its natural habitat!

custom made wallet on a string

Many thanks to Shannon for sending this great pic of her new wallet on a string “in its natural habitat” next to her on the seat in her car. You can find more wallets on strings in the shop here     Please contact me for a custom order   Here’s a look at the features of…

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Shamrocks accessory bags to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

I have a new shamrock print in stock, called Fancy Shamrocks in time for that St Patty’s Day celebration in March. A Scooter zippered bag is so useful for organizing purses and bags and a Raven coin purse is handy not only for coins but for gift cards and even stitch markers or golf tees.…

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