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Japanese dragon and peonies symbolism on a messenger bag

Japanese dragon and peonies messenger bag

  Having grown up in England dragons are a familiar image. The patron saint of England is Saint George, famous slayer of a dragon. The flag of Wales has borne a red dragon since 1959. I like this representation of a dragon much more than the Saint George version.   When I began making bags…

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The staff at Zoe’s Bag Boutique, I feel like I am doing all the work

Let me introduce you to the staff Name: Annie AKA: Anniekins, the Kins, Kinsey, Wiggles Macbarky Job: Self appointed cookie tester. Me: Annie I don’t make dog cookies, I make bags. Annie: That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be testing cookies, hand one over.   Name: Tubs AKA: Tubbsie, Tubbsie-Toodles Job: Self appointed nap supervisor and…

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Welcome to Zoe’s Bag Boutique, here’s a little background.

I’m Karen, owner of Zoe Designs Ltd. Sewing is in my DNA! My grandparents worked in a sewing factory that made men’s suits just down the block from where we lived in my small home town of Nantwich in Cheshire, England. My mom always sewed when I was a kid, often making my clothes as…

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