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A plethoria of new prints in stock!

Cherry Blossom Strings Gardening Gnomes on Navy Gardening Gnomes Golden Lace Whale Tales Effie’s Wood Dark Batik Cranes and Butterflies on Navy Cranes and Butterflies on Blue Fight Like A Girl Birdwatch on White Perfectly Peacock Collies Indigo Fans Deliciously Orange Orbit in Black Orbit in Blue Orbit in Plum Easter Gnomes Blue Bonsai Cranes…

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5 new beautiful soft sided Mahjong rack totes with matching tile bags

I finally finished some new mahjong rack totes and tile bags after starting off the year with a depleted inventory!  The Tote-ster is designed to hold the racks, with an inside pocket for your card. The large Zini flat bottom bag holds a standard sized set of mahjong tiles, it sits on top of the…

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Adorable dog and her mom’s new Zoe bag!

Say hello to the wonderful Lucy! Her mom Amy is a return customer who custom ordered a Super Raccoon in the ever popular Movie Monsters print.   Even after making bags for all these years I am still so appreciative when I get feedback. Here’s Amy’s comment. “The customer service is absolutely amazing. This is…

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