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A molecular biology major shares her new science pencil case with us!

science pencil case

A great photograph of a customer’s Deep Scribe Science Lab pencil case in action, and her comments: “I’m a molecular biology major. I needed a new pencil case when my old one fell apart and I wanted something handmade. I just found out I got into my top university choice as a transfer and this…

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Purses for lovers of fairies, dragonflies, and doves

Fae with dragonfly purse with smart phone pocket

Fairy on a dragonfly. The Dove purse on a string. If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, or my “about” page you will know I was born in England. The fae folk were very much a part of everyday life. We knew they lived at the bottom of the garden and any sign of…

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Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year! May 2019 be a great one for us all. I am so grateful for my customers who keep returning to buy more bags, and for those who are finding me for the first time.

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