Japanese dragon and peonies symbolism on a messenger bag


Having grown up in England dragons are a familiar image. The patron saint of England is Saint George, famous slayer of a dragon. The flag of Wales has borne a red dragon since 1959. I like this representation of a dragon much more than the Saint George version.


When I began making bags I had no interest in Asian fabrics, but as I started to expand my fabric eye they hooked me. Then there were those dragons. Such incredible beings, so different than the European dragons of my youth. One of the major differences is they have no wings! A dragon that doesn’t fly? What is this?

The Japanese dragons are associated with rain and waterways, more like a giant serpent than the flying beings I knew. They are thought to be shapeshifters and will bring wealth and good fortune.


There’s some fascinating information about dragons on this website

I am always on the lookout for Asian dragon fabrics but they are becoming more difficult to find. The large scale images work so well on my messenger bags.

This is my Zelda Deluxe messenger bag. I was able to capture the dragon coming up and over onto the flap. The gorgeous peonies, another popular Japanese motif symbolize bravery, good fortune and honor.

I have oriented the print on the pockets to make it look as if the dragon is wrapped around the bag. One side pocket is open and one has a zipper.



Inside this bag is a water bottle sleeve, a key clip and one of the most popular features in many of my bags, the Zoe Pocket Set.


You can find this bag in my shop here. There’s only one in stock so don’t wait if it must be yours!

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