Update on the face mask progress

Face mask update. Zee Plan ( so far anyway!) I ordered two rolls of elastic from two different suppliers last Friday. One shipped immediately and has been in Denver (1/2 hour away) since Monday πŸ€ͺ The other shipped on Monday and doesn’t look like it has moved at all. 🧐 It’s in LA.

However I am going to start a batch in motion today and take them as far as I can before I need elastic. That means cutting the linings and prints and sewing on the sleeve for the nose pincher. ( Have no clue what to call that thing)

Once the elastic arrives I can sew like a crazy woman. For those who don’t know I was a piece rate sewer for years in a few factories, making outdoor gear. (Started at Lowe Alpine) I became the sewing room supervisor at one (Madden Mountaineering) and then the production manager for the entire place. So I know how to kick butt. LOL

One of the many reasons I have been so particular about the design is because it has to be easy to sew in production. No fussing around, I have to be able to just do it. In case you’re interested I have no pins in the work room. Not a one. πŸ˜‰

Anyway I am going to make the first batch in one size, the one I have tested on neighbors. If I have to make smalls and larges that will come, but right now I will focus on that mask that will fit women and hopefully a lot of men and maybe older teens. I have a tentative plan for how to make it easy for me, and you, to order and buy. Was thinking that through this morning. I will report on that this afternoon. Hang on everyone I am totally focused on these masks right now.

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