Unique and beautiful padded cases for your 12″ drop spindle

The Spinny is another product I designed due to customer request. It followed on the heels of my knitting bags which makes perfect sense. It’s a padded case to hold a drop spindle up to 12″ tall. Some knitters like to spin their own yarn and a drop spindle allows them to do it on a small scale.


The Spinny is padded but it is not rigid, it has a drawstring closure with a cord lock just like all my knitting bags. It also has a key ring at the top back in case you would like to add a carabiner, wristlet strap or a shoulder strap.


Here are three new one of kind Spinny drop spindle cases in the shop for your spinning pleasure!


padded carry case for a drop spindle

Travels in EuropePadded case for 12" drop spndle with Europe landmarks

Floral ImpressionsFloral padded case for 12" drop spindle

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