The Scooter, an all purpose, multi-use zippered bag in prints galore

The first simple zippered bag I designed many moons ago was the Scooter. It’s a flat zippered bag in the perfect size to hold so many knicks, knacks and assorted must haves.

You can use the Scooter for makeup, knitting notions and craft supplies, for organizing purses, desks, suitcases and glove compartments. Because I have so many amazing fabrics (you know I do!) the choices are endless and the Scooters make the perfect reusable gift bag too, in the print that reflects the giftee’s hobbies, occupation and all around things they love.


Here’s a very small sampling of some recent Scooters in the shop right now.


As always, custom orders are available.


Colorful Cats


Meowy Moons

Sailor Seagulls

Summer Cardinals


Crane Landscapes



Bee Kind


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