The perfect bag for those big, bulky knitting or crochet projects

I designed the Alpaca years ago for a customer who was knitting large projects like blankets and sweaters and wanted something more attractive that a big old plastic bag. This is a large bag with plenty of room for your WIP and all the yarn that goes with it. It’s 17.5″ tall with a 12″ diameter. A cord lock on the drawstring keeps everything secure and out of curious kitties reach.


Blooming Paisley Alpaca knitting bag for blankets


Raspberry Scrolls Batik Alpaca large bag for crochet afghan projects

Zig Zag Batik large drawstring bag for blanket knitting projects WIP

Forest animals on a large work in progress bag for knitting or crocheting sweaters, blankets or afghans


Floral Birds giant bag for large WIP projects

Celtic knots in light or dark, large storage bag for knitting or crochet projects such as blankets or afghans

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