Sweet Pea mini wallet or iPhone purse in unique fabrics, seance, bees, movie monsters and flowers

Spooky Seance Sweet Pea Mini WalletSeance mini wallet


My Sweet Pea mini wallet is great for those times you just need something small to carry some i.d, your phone, a bit of cash or credit cards, maybe a chapstick and some other small must-have items. A d-ring on the side allows you to add a Strappy Wristlet ( which comes in a variety of colors) or a carabiner. All the listings have those items as optional add-ons as well as a wallet window to hold your license, credit and gift cards plus a pic or two. If you want a Strappy in a color other than black, check them out here.


With lots of fabric options to pick from, and at a great price, you can get one or two, for yourself and as a gift as well. Need something a bit larger? I’ve got you covered with the Wisteria

Movie Monsters Sweet Pea Mini Wallet front and back

classic movie monsters iphone smart phone mini wallet


Retro movie monsters mini wallet smart phone iPhone wallet

 Bee Damask Sweet Pea Mini WalletBee Damask mini wallet smart phone iPhone


Ghost Flowers Sweet Pea Mini Wallet

Pretty floral iphone smart phone mini wallet


Zoe's Bag Boutique mini wallet


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