Small zippered crossbody shoulder bags with bats and moons, Phoenix rising or Japanese cranes and Mt. Fuji

Cranes and Mt Fuji


Belatrix the Bat

One of a kind bag


Phoenix Rising

One of a kind bag


I have a wide variety of shoulder bags. I know that sometimes you need a small simple bag and sometimes you have a lot to carry and need plenty of volume and organizing features in your bags! That’s why I have some bags in assorted sizes and offer options for add-ons to them as well. The three bags above are the simple no frills version of my small Honeysuckle zippered tote

The Honeysuckle is an example of a bag with many options. To start it’s simple, a zippered tote with an adjustable shoulder strap. I have three size options, the small, medium and large.

Customizing options

For each size you can custom order a bag with a variety of features that suit your life if you wish. I don’t see why you should settle for less than perfect when I can make the perfect bag for you. If you prefer a taller than wide bag, no problem. If you want more organizing options I can add a zippered pocket on the front, or the front and back.

optional addon pocket for custom made shoulder bag


Inside you can add the Zoe Pocket Set if you are really serious about finding what you seek without digging around in the depths.

organizing pockets for purses and shoulder bags Zoe's Bag Boutique


Need to easily find your keys? I can add a key clip.

optional key clip from Zoe's Bag Boutique


See what I mean? Let’s customize the bag to work for you, and don’t forget when you custom order you get to pick the fabric too!


tote bag with zipper custom made
small zippered tote with adjustable shoulder strap


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