Purses for lovers of fairies, dragonflies, and doves

fairy on a dragonfly purse with iPhone pocket

Fairy on a dragonfly. The Dove purse on a string.

If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, or my “about” page you will know I was born in England. The fae folk were very much a part of everyday life. We knew they lived at the bottom of the garden and any sign of a fairy ring — a mysterious circle of mushrooms — showed us where there had been a gathering. I am a big fan of the faes and have a great collection of fairies. It’s been an honor to have some fairies and their friends come and stay in my gardens for a few summers in the past.

I was delighted to find a set of fabric panels featuring beautiful fairies and animals. In early 2018 I designed a new purse to accommodate this type of  panels that were being released by the fabric companies. A series featuring signs of the Zodiac, all with women as the centerpiece, (more to come on those later) prompted me to design the Dove purse on a string

The Dove was designed to be simple and easy to use. On the back is a zippered pocket making it easy to snag your phone or other items you use frequently.

fairy purse with phone pocket


Boutique style unusual purse with phone pocket

The Dove has a low profile to sit against your body and a zipper at the top to keep the content secure.


Here’s the second fairy purse I made. Fairy on a Dove. Funny that I named this purse the Dove and now I have to call this the Fairy on a Dove Dove! These panels are beautiful and I wish I was a better photographer so I could really show that.

Fae on a bird purse with iPhone pocket


Fairy purse with pocket for iPhone


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