New Kipster knitting project bags available for those work in progress projects!

Following up on my last post about my Kipster knitting project bags I have some new bags hot off the needle to share with you.

I try my best to offer a wide variety of fabric options to suit the tastes of as many of my customers as possible! The fact that I am a fabric addict helps me as I scour the net looking for new and unusual prints for you. Here’s the latest selection of Kipsters just finished this week.


The spooky fabrics are fascinating. Many of my customers select these fabrics for use year round though they are released by the fabric companies with Halloween in mind. I have become enamored with them because the artist’s creativity can shine so brightly here.


Batty, which is available in 4 colorways.

batty and moons knitting project bags


As a gardener flowers tend to catch my attention.


black and white knitting project bag with pockets

Orange Blossoms

Orange knitting project work in progress bag


Batiks are always a popular fabric with my customers. They come is such a wide range of colors, they are quite amazing. One of the best features of batiks is that there are variations in the fabric due to the method of dying. This makes each bag slightly different.

 Pinwheel Batik

batik knitting project bag

Tie dye

Finally we have the tie dye rounding up this batch. A popular fabric from back in the 60’s, it is getting a renewed interest on the runways this year. Since I had some in stock I thought I would make a knitting bag and see if it resonates with knitters in 2019.

Tie Dye

Tie dye knitting project bag

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