New Flatie Jr’s in stock. Great for Rummikub tiles, travel organizing, or craft projects

I originally designed the Flatie Jr as a custom order for a customer who asked for a small flat drawstring bag to carry her hairbrushes when she traveled. She had a bag she used but it was worn out. After I made hers I thought it was a handy item and added it to my line. It’s called junior because I have a much larger version called the Flatie which is great for a shoe bag, or storage for larger items.

Customers started buying it to hold their Rummikub tiles. It is also good for smaller knitting projects or other crafts. As with so many of my bags you will find many uses for the Flatie Jr.


Hummingbird Circle Flatie Jr

Fairy Tales Flatie Jr

Flowers Poetry Flatie Jr

Peonies Flatie Jr

Tako Wako Flatie Jr

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