Large flat drawstring bags for shoes, lingerie, travel and knitting too.



This is my Flatie drawstring bag. It was originally designed as a shoe bag, but is also great for other travel purposes like lingerie and will function as a good sized knitting bag too. At 16″ tall and 14″ wide it provides lots of room for your storage needs. The drawstring has a cord lock to ensure the contents stay right where you placed them and it works as a handle to loop over your arm as well.

Batik Scroll Flatie drawstring bag

batik shoe bag, batik lingerie bag, flat knitting project bag

Corazones (Hearts) Flatie drawstring shoe bag

Alexander Henry Corazones flat travel bag for shoes, lingerie or knitting

Asian Dragons flat bag with drawstring for shoes

Asian dragons flat bag with drawstring for shoes lingerie knitting


Vintage Travel flat bag with drawstring

Vintage look travel bag for shoes suitcase organizer knitting


unique shoe bag lingerie bag flat travel bag for knitting


Zoe's Bag Boutique shoe bag liingerie bag flat knitting bag


Drawstring shoe or lingerie bag

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