Halloween purses are popping up in the shop!

I’ve been sliding some purses into my sewing schedule that are great for year round but especially for Halloween. I know many of my customers like the the spooky fabrics so I am always on the lookout for new and interesting prints.

Here’s a selection of some purses I’ve added in the last week, I have a few more on the sewing table!


Spooky Portrait Gallery with glow in the dark accents Tallullah cross body purse

Spooky portrait gallery Halloween purse glow in the dark

Witches Gathering Tootsie zippered cross body purse



Indigo Sugar Skulls Tootsie zippered purse, select long or short handles


Indigo Sugar Skulls zippered purse

Seance Tootsie zippered purse select long or short handles




Flying Owl Tallullah cross body purse

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