Custom made Teddy Bear Picnic bag is a hit!

Raschell, one of my wonderful regular customers, asked for a knitting bag for her sister that featured bears. I had this Teddy Bear Picnic fabric stashed away and she said oh yes, that’s the one. She decided on a large Kipster but the zippered pocket on that style would cut right through the picnic scene so I suggested a Jr version which has the inner pockets only. How about adding a pouch to substitute for the pockets Raschell suggested. What a great idea!

Raschell sent along a pic and these kind words.

“I was not sure what to get my sister for her 50th birthday,  so I emailed Karen and this is what she came up with.  IT’S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.   My sister is a crafty person, this is by far the best present I could ever give my sister.  Thank you.

Raschell “

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