An example of why I love making my bags, a customer’s response to a custom order.

Zoe's Bag Boutique happy customer with book purse


I don’t know where to begin and this is my 2nd review ever. I don’t usually write them which is bad on my part, BUT I have to for Zoe’s Bag Boutique. Karen, the owner and the only one behind this store is extraordinary at her craft, customer service and her imagination of the beauty of bags.


My daughter’s 19th birthday was less than 2 weeks away and I was looking for the perfect gift that wasn’t the usual things. My daughter who is majoring in elementary education, is a book nerd, lover, worm, etc. I had already bought book related items, gift card, necklace, bracelet and of course books. As I was searching I fell upon Karen’s store. She had this unique book pattern but so many bags, so many decisions and yet still I was not sure. So I reached out to her, asked her opinion on which bag, what style, etc would she suggest. After hearing my thoughts and showing her the purse my daughter uses now, she told me her suggestion, sent me to look at various items as well as, since it will be custom made she doubted it would be here in time. Very honest, upfront and I loved that. She was not going to give me any false hope or rush and maybe not do the bag it’s full justice. It wasn’t worth the order or a potential new customer. How could you not find that refreshing and trustworthy.


I knew I was covered with gifts for that day so I decided to go with Karen’s suggestion. WOW is what I have to say. She kept in constant touch with me each step of the way. She wouldn’t let me pay yet even though she was starting it. She sent me updates and was so easy to get in touch with. She then contacts me that it will probably be shipped Thursday or Friday, this being about a week since we first chatted and Friday being my daughter’s birthday. So at last minute I asked about matching wallet and accessories. I was wrong to do that, I know how hard she was working just to get the custom bag done besides all her other orders and customers, but I had just thought of it. Again, she responded with items she had and I picked the Scooter to have with same pattern.


I received email for payment and on Wednesday received email that it was shipped. ALREADY??? My gift, arrived ON the day of my daughter’s birthday to my surprise. Basically a week from start to finish. I didn’t get to look at before my daughter so we just opened it right out of shipping package. I will admit, I was worried, I hadn’t seen any of her products in person and in pictures, they don’t always show everything. In this case, that is true. Pictures did not show the details, the perfect styling, Karen’s craft, love of what she does, which you clearly see in finished product and the beautiful pop of color in the book patterns.


This Tootsie was perfect. So perfect that my daughter cried at the excitement of her gift. Real tears. She was in awe and held it to her chest like a baby holds her favorite teddy. So then I cried. My daughter had a few minutes before her friends were picking her up, she ran out of the room to finish getting ready or so I thought. Instead she was transferring her items from old bag to new one. She said I can’t wait to show this baby off. She grabbed her book and said, “Even though I won’t be reading tonight, I can’t carry my “book bag” without a book.” Karen, thank you so much for helping make the perfect day even more perfect. Your work ethic is above par. Your product and workmanship is a work of art. You now have customers for life. Thank you again. Donna

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