Custom made clutch on its first outing to Carvel!

Many thanks to Anna for sharing this photograph of her new, custom made, Morning Glory. I was delighted to hear its first trip was to go for ice cream! Check out the Morning Glories in my shop if you need a companion like this on your next outing for a treat.

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A Ghastlies cross body shoulder bag is waiting for you

The Ghastlies line of fabrics by Alexander Henry has been popular since the very first release. We have seen a variety of prints in this line over the years and they offer many great images that work so well on my bags. Behold, this Raccoon Plus is an example. What fun, although the Ghastlies were…

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Maria De La Luna Raccoon Deluxe Shoulder Bag

Tula Pink Maria De La Luna shoulder bag

My Raccoon Deluxe shoulder bag is a great size for everyday use, and has a zippered pocket on the back to assist in organizing. Perhaps you could keep your phone in that back pocket for convenience?   The Raccoons come in four styles, no pockets, the Raccoon Deluxe has an outer zippered pocket, the Raccoon…

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