Behind the Seams

Meet the Boyz! They like to travel in style.

Say hello to a couple of world travelers who ride in one of my Fleur totes! Many thanks to Ken and Liz who accompany these two friends, document their adventures and share them with us. Click on a pic to open a slideshow and see them up close and personal. The Boyz Please follow and…

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Tilly Shoulder Bag, Nevermore a Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe zippered shoulder bag

  This is my Tilly shoulder bag but first let’s talk about this incredible fabric! It’s called Nevermore and is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. You can check out the Poe Museum page if you want to learn more about him. It tells us he is credited with creating the first detective novel, The…

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A molecular biology major shares her new science pencil case with us!

science pencil case

A great photograph of a customer’s Deep Scribe Science Lab pencil case in action, and her comments: “I’m a molecular biology major. I needed a new pencil case when my old one fell apart and I wanted something handmade. I just found out I got into my top university choice as a transfer and this…

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