My adjustable face mask


At last I am able to share my face mask design with you! I hope to start adding masks to the shop asap. This is an unprecedented situation so I am somewhat winging it. I have never made a product that everyone needs before. I have no idea what the demand will be but I am prepared to just keep sewing them.  I shared my design and some fabric options on Facebook and I had around 220 orders in a few days!

I am setting up two types of listings, one will be made to order, you will the option to select from a group of fabrics and I will sew the masks. The other will be ready to ship. These masks will be made and available for shipping right away. I expect there to be a few weeks wait on both options while I make and ship the first flurry of orders.



After chatting with some of my regular customers on Facebook it became clear that some people want behind the ear elastic and some want behind the head. During the prototype work, assisted by my wonderful neighbors, it also stood out that we all have different sized faces and one size didn’t seem like it would fit all.

I had a few ideas but finally one that rose to the top. I came up with a way that not only gives you three different options to wear the elastic but also lets you customize the length and replace it if needed. I added a tiny key ring to each corner. My thought was that you could cut the elastic to the right length and knot it to the rings. I made a prototype for my friend and neighbor Susan to test, and she came up with a brilliant idea. Thread the elastic through the split in the ring and it would be secure. She was right and it’s quite ingenious!

The replaceable feature is also evident in my creation of an opened ended pocket across the top of the mask that will hold a pipe cleaner. You can remove it when washing or replace it if worn out.

Without further ado, here it is. The masks will be found in the shop here as I begin to list custom made options.


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