Flat drawstring bags for travel, hairbrushes, toiletries, knitting and crochet and yes, even Rummikub tiles

I originally designed this bag, the Flatie Jr. at a customer’s request. She traveled frequently and wanted a bag to hold her hairbrushes. She had one that had seen better times so she gave me the dimensions and voila, the Flatie Jr. was born.

I already had a larger version called the Flatie, so naming this bag as the junior version made sense. It has become very popular and I try to keep up on making new inventory for the shop.

Then I learned about the game Rummikub. My customers tell me this bag lets them corral the tiles and that it lies flat in the box. I also hear there is a Rummiking. As you can see my customers are finding many uses for the Flatie Jr!

This is Jane down under in Australia sharing her new Flatie Jr with us!

Koi Pond flat bag with drawstring

Japanese koi pond flat bag for game tiles suitcase organizing

Birds and Flowers flat drawstring bag

Flat drawstring bag for travel hairbrushes toiletries Rumikub tiles knitting

Butterflies and Flowers flat bag for travel

Butterflies flat bag for organizing suitcase for travel or game tiles

Coloring Book Cats flat drawstring bag for travel

Colorful cats travel organizing bag with drawstring

Peppermint Penguins flat drawstring bag

Cute winter Christmas penguins flat drawstring bag for storage Rummikub tiles knitting travel

Aliens flat drawstring bag

Aliens flat bottom bag for Rummikub tiles hairbrushes toiletries

Hummingbird World flat drawstring bag for Rummiking tiles

Hummingbirds and flowers flat bag for knitting projects game tiles

Japanese Iris flat bag for knitting projects

Japanese Iris flat bag for travel organize suitcase, Rummikub Scrabble tiles

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