Face mask update, the wait for elastic continues!

The slow travels of Johnny Elastic! I have never tracked anything as closely as I have this elastic! LOL I have some coming from 4 different sources at this point. USPS is telling me one order will arrive today. Late in the day. It’s only 20 yards, the smallest quantity I have on order.

I can see there are supplies coming to me from all over the country so when they start to arrive I will be ready to roll.

I have the first batch cut based on the feedback I received on Facebook. It’s an assortment, with one of each print. The motifs I used are spooky, music, flowers, Asian, mahjong, butterflies, cats and a few others.

I spent yesterday morning setting up the category and listing page in my shop. (Nothing is live yet) There is so much more that goes into a product that takes time. Taking pics, processing pics, adding text to pics so people know what they mean. LOL

I even made some behind the scenes changes to my shop so payments will flow more easily for me with less manual processing for credit cards. Plus smoother for you, by upgrading the shopping cart to PayPal Express. I spent $20 bucks on my own products so I could test out the changes. LOL Three different tests to buy 1 carabiner each time. 🤣

So dear ones I am ready to make masks for you. Thank you for your patience. I will let you know when the masks start rolling. Plus I’m excited to fill you in on the adjustable feature I hope to have.

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