Face Mask Update # One million and two! πŸ˜€

OK! I am hopeful that I can start sewing some masks this afternoon, after the mail arrives. The mailman will be bringing me the parts I need in order to make the masks adjustable. I want to have them in hand to make sure they are what I hope they are, before I show you. I have already returned 3 different orders that were not what I needed. 😝

I still haven’t received 1 single roll of elastic that I have on order. In total I have 10 rolls that I am waiting on! I keep ordering trying to find one that will actually ship, but they all just sit there. I have a true order for 3 rolls from one of my wholesalers that I know I will get eventually, (I double checked with them yesterday to make sure!) and a β€œhold 3 rolls and call me when they arrive” order in with another wholesaler. I have purchased 4 other rolls from a variety of places on eBay and Etsy, but I see no movement on them at all. Arrr.

However I have been able to acquire a few yards here and there.Β  This means I can at least start making some small batches with fingers crossed that more will arrive before I run out.

Thank you for your patience while I work through all this. I know you are waiting. I really hope I will be back this afternoon with pics of the design and news on the roll out of some masks. Thanks to everyone for staying on this journey with me!

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